Search Engine Optimisation

search engine optimisation sunshine coastAlso, the simple fact that the search engine, Google, has 85%% of the market share of all searches conducted on the planet, means you need to be found in the first few pages, if not the first page of a search term on Google. The other top 2 are Yahoo and Bing (Bing is Microsoft's search engine) The trick is, how do you get your web page ranking well within the search engines. Well, there are 2 techniques that will elevate you up the search engines. * On page search engine optimisation * Off page search engine optimisation

On Page SEO

This is the keywords that are in the title tag of the web page, the meta tags and the meta keywords. Also, the keywords within the page and the link within the page that link to other parts of the website. This is very important to let the search engines know what a particular site or web page is about.

[message type=”info”]When looking at onpage search engine optimisation, there are some important factors that we can do to ensure we tell the search engines, in particular Google what the page is about.[/message]

Search Engine Optimisation-Laser Targeted Keyword Optimisation

A big mistake that a lot of people do in seo, is they try to rank for too many keywords for their website. This in essence dilutes their seo efforts. The trick in search engine optimisation is to find 1 keyword or keyword phrase and you optimise that keyword for a page or post on your website.

[message type=”warning”]In this instance, I am going to target “Search Engine Optimisation Sunshine Coast“. I am going to utilise certain factors that will ensure that that the search engines know in no uncertain terms what this page is about.[/message]

Search Engine Optimisation-Heading Tags

Heading tags are tags that show as headings or subheadings within content on a page. The ones that mean the most are the H1, H2 and H3 tags. Like you see on this page, you will see subheadings in every bit of content on this page. This tells the search engines in no uncertain terms what the content is about on this page. The H1 tag is probably the most important factor in on page seo as this is the title that people will see in a search engine query. This is the first thing people will see in a search query and having the keyword in the title tag is imperative in letting Google know this is what the page is about. search engine optimisation sunshine coast

Search Engine Optimisation-Meta Description

This is the description that you can specify you want the search engines to display in a search query. If you do not specify the meta description, the search engines have to guess and place an excerpt that may look disjointed or not make sense. This is where you can also put your keyword in and place the exact term you want your potential visitors to see in a search engine result. seo sunshine coast

Search Engine Optimisation-Keyword Density

Once you have determined you wish to target a specific keyword, you then ensure you have a keyword density of between 1-4% on your page. The term on this page, search engine optimisation sunshine coast is well and truly within that range. If you keyword stuff, that is put your keyword every other word, your content becomes unreadable and you will lose visitors. The trick is to make sure you put in your keyword into your content on the page in such a way that it is readable, but enough to rank well for your keyword.

Off Page SEO

SEO Factors – Backlinking

This is perhaps one of the most important factors in search engine optimisation. This is something that many people dismiss, or simply do not understand well.

[box]In the old days of seo, keyword stuffing and keyword stuffing was where it was at. Saturate your page with your keywords and you would rank high in the search engines. The problem with that was that the content that was ranking high was rubbish. Then came along Google. When Google first came to prominence, the two founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin decided to come up with a system that would reward webpages that had votes. Essentially what that meant was that if you had links from other websites coming into your web page, then these incoming links would count as a vote for your page. [/box] This was known as Backrub. The more votes or links you had coming in, the more popular your site was perceived.

SEO Factors – Anchor Text

Anchor text is the text that is used to link back to your web. Often, people will just link back to your site using the web address of the page, similar to However, if your website or page within your page is linked back to your website using a particular keyword as anchor text, then this is even more powerful in ranking your site or page for a keyword term. The term search engine optimisation sunshine coast has been linked back to my home page, or I could link it back to this page if I wanted to. If it links to a particular page, this will provide a valuable backlink or vote for that page.

SEO Factors – Value of Links

[message type=”info”]Not all backlinks are created equal. Links can be received from many factors. Blog posting, discussion forums or direct linking from other websites. One of the most valuable links you can receive is from within the content of a particular page that has a link linking back to your website or page with particular anchor text of a keyword you want to rank for.[/message] Another important factor of where the link is coming from is page rank. Page Rank is a number assigned to websites and web pages depending on how important they believe that site or page to be. In laymens terms, the higher pagerank you are getting a link from, the more valuable that link is.

SEO Factors – Backlinking Campaign

Backlinking is now an essential process for any site that wants to escalate within the search engines. There are many ways to create backlinking from bookmarking, article and video marketing and syndicating that content around the internet. Either way, if you do not use a backlinking campaign for your website you will not be able to achieve high rankings in the search engines.

SEO Factors – Tracking & Traffic

Tracking where your traffic is coming from, how much traffic you get and how you can interpret those stats to your advantage is also essential in knowing what you are doing wrong or right, if you need to change anything or keep things the same. One such tool is Google Analytics and this tool is great in reporting statistics to webmasters.

[message type=”warning”]So Search Engine Optimisation is a bit of an art and a science all at the same time. Google, which now commands 85% of all web searches constantly changes it's algorithm to try and ensure quality results in the search engines. At the end of the day, quality content constructed well will always do well in the eyes of Google. But we can also give it a little nudge to help the content in which you created jump up in the search engines and get more eyeballs to your webpage.[/message] For more information our services, please visit SEO Sunshine Coast