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By Christmas 2013, 50% of all online searches will be conducted on a mobile device


Now that statistic is too big to ignore.  Unfortunately, many websites have not been optimised for mobile devices and are not compressed enough to be viewed seamlessly on smart phones. Not only that, the original site is way to small to view on these devices and are hard to read.

Your mobile site has to be mobile ready.  Now there are many free plugins available that can make your site mobile ready, but you lose the look and feel of your site in the mobile version.  In light of the fact that pretty well 50% of all of your views are going to be from a mobile device, it is in your best interests to get your mobile site looking and performing at its best.

Google Knew All Along About Mobile

[custom_frame_left shadow=”on”]Google Now[/custom_frame_left]I read an interesting article from a very well respected internet marketer that has declared a massive game changer.  You see, it all started with the iphone.  When they released this easy to use touch screen phone.  Since then, Google have been playing catchup and since have released their Android software for free for developers to use in their smartphones.  Then, along came SIRI for the iphone.  This technology essentially allows people to talk to their phone to tell it what they want.

This technology is making things easier for people.  Couple that with the fact that people just need to talk to their phone to ask it where a restaurant is, or to phone someone or find a phone number of a business, haveing a mobile internet presence.  Now Google has come out with their game changer.  It's called Google Now.  This will be automatically integrated into all Android phones.  (Oh, and at the time of writing this, Android now has a market share of 51% and iphone 32%, here is the report)

This technology is predictive and will deliver information to you in real time, what you think it might need based on your previous usage and information synched with your Google+ account.  The options to this are mind blowing.  As a business, you need to have integrated your Google+ social signals with everything you have online so the Google Now system can integrate you into their recommendations to their users. I will be talking more about this in the future, I'm sure.

Get Dudamobile For Your Mobile Site

I have discoverd the easiest and best way for anyone to get their current site mobile.  I found a site called Dudamobile converts your website on the fly in literally minutes.  These guys have even been recommended by Google as one of their preferred suppliers of website mobile conversion.  The process is simple

1. You go to the site and you just put in your current website url  ie

2. Dudamobile then goes through the process of converting the site into a mobile version

3. It spits out the version of your site in a mobile phone emulator so you can see the results

4. You can then edit the layout.  You can change colour schemes, there are a heap of templates you can use instead of the one you have also.

5. You can drag and drop elements into your mobile site to make it look even better.

6. You are then presented with 2 options.  You can have the free option that only allows you 10 pages, it has dudamobile's ad on it, and you only get community support via a forum, or you can get a paid version for $9/mth.  If you pay 12 mths in advance, they give you 20% off.

7. You then just have to set up the redirect script so that when a person is viewing yoru website through a mobile device, it delivers the mobile version of yoru website.

I Made A Video

Below is the video I made of me going through the whole process.

Click here to go to Dudamobile's website and get yourself a Dudamobile site…now dude.

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