Google Analytics  Bounce Rate Fix

My Bounce Rate Reduction After The Fix


If you use wordpress, like a lot of people do, sometimes you might have a high bounce rate inside your Google Analytics Account.  I know did on a few of my sites and my client's sites.

Google Analytics has a problem with wordpress.  It is looking for an event, if a person lands on your page, and doesn't click anywhere else, that counts as a bounce, and you could have a high bounce rate.

I have found 2 solutions.

Solution 1

A wordpress plugin available here fixed the problem by adding something as a simple scroll of the mousewheel or simply staying on your page for 30 seconds as an event, and thus, the bounce is null and void.

Solution 2

I have included a link below to a text file wherby you can add some text just above the tab in your footer.php file.  This file is found in Appearance –> Editor.  You then just select your footer.php file and paste in the code.

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