New Google Update In All Local Search and Mobile Search

Google has done a complete 180 after implementing it's Zagat score ratings inside Google places and Google Local Plus for business.  Google made headlines when it bought the Zagat system for 250 million dollars to implement it's customer feedback system into it's Google Places for Business platform.

Well, after about 18 months, they have scrapped it and gone back to the 5 star rating, but they have tweaked it a little, give a score in front the rating.  This rating is achived after the business has received at least 5 reviews and then the reviews are averaged out to give a score out of 5.

These stand out immensely now.  The old Zagat scoring system just wasn't really that eye catching but now the bright yellow stars really do grab your attention.  Not only that, Google has implemented this into their Mobile Search results as well.

Earlier, I recorded a video where I show first hand the changes for everyone to see how this will impact influence online.