I have changed my thinking with respect to helping small to medium business owners based on the the way the internet is changing.

More and more, business is being conducted on-line. For that business to be conducted on-line, people must first find you on-line. Then, when they find you on-line, they need to decide why should they do business with you.

[custom_frame_left shadow=”on”][/custom_frame_left] Most business only think of one thing, and that is getting sales. Of course, at the end of the day, that is what it is all about. To get those sales, traditional forms of advertising are usually employed. The traditional way of doing some advertising in the paper, radio and tv and waiting for the phone to ring or people to walk in the door is working less and less.

People are sick of being sold too, they are tuning out. But, people are still looking for things to buy and services to use. So business's need to think differently and change the way they promote themselves.

Create An Exceptional Experience

Creating the exceptional customer experience can do wonders for a business. Give value, offer advice and create an amazing buying experience. Most business's strive to do this. Some succeed, some fall short. Either way, it is the next step that most of these business's fall down.

Harnessing that Exceptional Experience

Once that customer has finalised their shopping experience, a lot of business's are poor at the next step.

[custom_frame_right shadow=”on”][/custom_frame_right]1. Capturing the contact details of those customers.
2. Asking for their feedback of their experience.

These are two massively important steps that the business owner can harness to their advantage to follow up with those happy customers and keep their presence of mind and also grab amazing feedback whilst the experience is still fresh in that customers mind.

1. Capturing the Contact Details.

Building your database is something business's don't do well. The larger your database, the more opportunity you have to keep them coming back and keep selling to them.

If you have an amazing sale, product or service ready to go, how good would it be, at the click of a button to notify all of them of that fact? You don't have to advertise and spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to notify people of your deal. Not only that, generic advertising is a hit and miss affair. If you could notify your database, you have a pinpoint, laser targeted market in your niche that has bought from you before and probably will buy from you again.

2. Asking For Feedback

[custom_frame_left shadow=”on”][/custom_frame_left] Getting a good review or testimonial from a happy customer is gold in the on-line world. Now, more than ever, potential customers are searching for products and services to buy. However, how does one sift through the results that Google and the like spit out.

Google, Facebook and all of the largest directory sites in the world are aware of this and they are harnessing the power of on-line reviews and showing them in their results, front and centre.

If an internet searcher sees a page of results, then sees a business that has numerous exceptional reviews, more than their competitors, do you think that might influence their decision in any way? You bet your booties it will.

The number 1 influencer in marketing is word of mouth from a friend or colleague, but the second most powerful form of marketing is on-line reviews from people, but there must be at least 6-10 of them for them to make an impact.

Enter The Database-Reputation Strategy

If business's employed two very simple techniques in their business to:

1. Capture peoples details and add them to their database
2. Ask customers to provide feedback

They could outshine their competitors so easily by making them front of mind customers mind and standing out from their competitors online.

A New Approach For Business

[custom_frame_right shadow=”on”][/custom_frame_right] In today's economy, business's don't need to be offered, seo, advertising, gimmicks, hard sells. They want strategies. They want systems that work and that are based on solid facts and systems.

Providing strategies for business's to excel rather than selling them services is now what it is all about. Business's need to harness these new strategies, because the online world is tough, but at the same time, the opportunities are amazingly exciting.

I have been employing the “Database-Reputation Strategy” with amazing results with my clients.  It is a solid, step by step system that builds a valuable database and harness's the power of reviews.  If you want to know how it can help your business, don't hesitate in contacting me.