Google is continuing to add feature after feature in their push towards the local marketplace.  Google Places merging into Google Plus indicated to business there were getting serious about search for business's.

They have now included another feature called Business Photos.  They have taken the street view of Google Maps and now provided this functionality for business's so searchers can see inside their business.  If you go to the link, you will see a preview of what the image looks like.  Essentially, it is a fisheye image that needs to be taken with a special lens, or in other words a virtual tour.

This definitely helps business get a good look at your business inside and see what they might be experiencing after they see the front of your business from the road.

Can You Do It Yourself?

Unfortunately, no.  You have to use a Google Authorised Trusted Photographer so the images are taken according to their specifications and they are uploaded and stitched by them.  This is entirely new, so there won't be too many business's aware of this feature at the moment.

Not many business's are aware that they can setup their own Business Page inside Google Plus.  Eventually, this page is going to merge with their Google Places Account, so now might be a good time to claim, setup and sync the two.

Google Business Photos Official Video

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Some Examples