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Facebook Nearby – To Compete With Online Review Sites

Facebook Nearby – To Compete With Online Review Sites

Facebook released a brand new feature yesterday called “Facebook Nearby”.  Going into direct competition with online review heavyweights Yelp and Foursquare, this feature in the app for IOS and Android calls upon all the data Facebook have received from it’s users check-ins, likes and recommendations.

Initially, it will be rolling out to about 1% of the users, then to most others once the bugs have been ironed out I would imagine.

So, What Are The Changes?

Soon, when you open your Facebook app for your iPhone or Android, there won’t be a list of places to check in, instead, Facebook gives you a heap of business’s and places that you think you might be interested in.  Pulling on it’s algorithms that determine your Facebook feed, based on the likes, check in’s star ratings and interactions of those business’s.

You are also able to search by categories, like coffee, restaurants, shopping hotels and sub categories of the main categories as well.  It is presented in the form of a split-screen giving you details of the listings on the map. You can go into each listing and see details of the business, operating hours, contact information, recommendations and reviews as well any updates of that business on their timeline.

Massively Helpful

Mobile users will love this.  It is designed for browsing finding information quickly.  Not only that, the likes, check-ins, recommendations and reviews from your friends allow you to quickly find places and services you want to use.  There are a few kinks to iron out, possibly why the roll out is to 1% of Facebook users.

At present, it doesn’t show where your friends are currently checked in but I imagine that will be included soon, as that give a huge signal of relevance to the user.  This probably will be a great opportunity for Facebook to implement ads so business’s can pay for their business to stand out when people are looking for a product or service, but at present, there are no ads displayed.

Will It Compete With Other Review Sites?

Yes, the ability for Facebook user’s to stay within one app and search for business’s and reviews is a major convenience.  It may not have the data that yelp and foursquare have for reviews yet, but it’s massive userbase and it’s ability to access the data of where your friends are and have been is something the other sites simply do not have or can compete with.  Not only that, Facebook has now delivered a jab at Google, as now you can search for business and products inside Facebook instead of doing a search on Google.  Facebook have always made it know that it want’s to foray into search since it’s alliance with Bing.

Ultimately, people want recommendations they trust and they bear much more weight coming from their friends rather than strangers.  Facebook nearby allows people to decide using the most powerful form of social proof available  recommendations from friends. The ability for a business to stand out with an amazing reputation has now taken another turn.  Business’s can either embrace this new feature and build an amazing reputation, or leave it to chance and die business death with no or poor reviews.

Facebook’s New Facebook Plugin For WordPress

Facebook’s New Facebook Plugin For WordPress

Facebook have finally released their very own wordpress facebook plugin.  There is now no need to worry about using any third party plugins.  It is super easy to setup and there are some pretty cool features.  I have made a video showing how to set it up and some of the features in it as well.

Facebook Fanpage Contact Form

The video below goes through how anyone can create an easy to use and free facebook contact form on their fanpage.


Facebook Fanpages for Business-Part 3

Build It & They Will Come….well not really

However, just having a fanpage isn’t enough. To guide people to LIKE your page, you need to incentivize them to do so. Creating a landing page is just the ticket that gives certain and distinct calls to action. You can literally guide people what to do, then you can create offers for them to do so.

The next trick is getting fans to like your page. There are numerous ways to do this using Facebook’s viral nature, and this requires only a short amount of time each day. Like anything, if you can commit yourself to a short amount of time to grow your fanpage, you will reap the benefits of it for years to come.

If you would like a Custom Made Fan Page, then advice and strategies on how to get fans to your site, then Ozdogweb can make this happen for you.

Customised Landing Pages

This is the first thing people see who have not liked your page. This is the first impression. Here, you can create a clear and concise call to action. Here, you need to prompt people to ‘LIKE’ your page in return for something. Say a free report, or a voucher or something you think people might like.

  1. First, create a log that tells people to like your page, and suggest to friends. Then create something about your business and what you do.
  2. Create another reminder for people what to do, Step 1- Click Like to find out something

Create A Call To Action

  1. Once the like has been clicked, a reveal tab is exposed with the download link or whatever other offer you want to give to your fans.

Exposed after "Like" is clicked


The template above is a simple template that we employ. I can also embed videos and photographs as well in your fanpage landing page.

What Can We Do

  1. We can create a fanpage that stands out from the crowd, that gets people to like your fanpage.
  2. Then we provide you comprehensive strategies that will get people to your page and “LIKE” it.
  3. Strategies to drive traffic to your webpage or get your phone ringing for business, these include
  • Tagging strategies that allow you to spread your message
  • Hi Fiver-a powerful technique to showcase your page
  • Celebrity Method-Use the power of local, national or international celebrities to grow your fanpage
  • Window Shopping-Use the power of other pages and profiles

And many more methods that we are testing and utilising to grow fanpages.

If you want to use our services to create a customised Facebook Fanpage and use cutting edge tactics to grow your fanpage, please feel free to contact us using the form below.

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Facebook Fanpages for Business-Part 2

Fanpages Are Like A Personal Profile

Once someone clicks like on your fanpage, everytime you make an update from that fanpage, that will appear in the newsfeed of your fanpage’s fans. If the post you write is written to elicit interaction from your fans, then your fan’s friends will see their response, in turn, perhaps getting others to visit your fanpage if it resonates with them. This is true viral power.

Business’s Using Personal Profiles

I have seen a growing trend of business’s using personal profiles. Now there is nothing wrong with that, unless you have another profile. Having multiple personal accounts is against Facebook’s Terms of Service. They state all of them in this link.


So, if you are a business and you are using a personal profile to promote that business and you have another account as well..beware…all of your efforts in promoting your business using a personal profile could be all for nought and at the press of a button, your profile page for your business will be gone.

Yes, you can simply invite friends to follow you in a personal profile, but you are missing out on so many tools in a Facebook Fanpage.

  • The ability to create a customised landing page for your first time visitors
  • The ability to import your web page or blog feed
  • Create a contact form for people to contact you
  • Create a shopping cart where your fans can purchase directly from your fanpage.
  • Many others that will be coming in the future, all designed for business’s
[box type=”info”]My prediction is that Facebook will become it’s own internet. Facebook has already surpassed Google as the most trafficked and biggest site on the internet. Not only that, Facebook have discovered a way to keep people on their site, whereas Google has only been able to keep people on their page long enough to conduct a search. Using this knowledge, business’s can now use the most powerful form of marketing on the planet, “Word of Mouth”. If your business’s creates a fantastic service/product, then you can use Facebook to spread the message far and wide.[/box]

My advice, utilise the fanpages. This is why they were created. If you stick to the Terms and Conditions that Facebook intended them for, it will be an extremely valuable marketing tool for years to come.

If you are using a personal profile for your business and you also have one for yourself, beware, you have been warned.

[box type=”warning”]Facebook will be tweaking their code all the time, and they will be doing everything in their power to find those that breach their terms and conditions so Facebook does not become another myspace.[/box]

How To Use Your Fanpage

Imagine you where a cafe, and you you wanted to create some more business. You create a voucher, then post out to your thousands of fans, download this voucher to have 2/1 coffees on this day only. Now most of the time, most people don’t just have coffee, they will have some cake, a meal, but you have provided and incentive for people to come into your cafe.

You can also provide valuable information on how to make recipes, or whatever is in your niche and refer it back to your webpage.

How Do You Do It?

Creating a fanpage.. Facebook has made this process very easy to do. Below is the link on where to go.


Create a Fanpage

Often, I see many people creating a community page. This is wrong. There are so many features you are not able to utilise in Facebook if you create a community page. When creating your page, especially if you are a business, you should use the local business, then pick your genre.

Build It & They Will Come….well not really – Part 3

Facebook Fanpages for Business

Facebook will be the smart business tool of 2011. Facebook is becoming the fastest growing social network of all time, outstripping google, youtube and twitter. Have a look at some of the statistics.

[box type=”info”]
  • More than 500 million users
  • 50% of active users log on to Facebook in any given day
  • More than 35 million users update their status each day
  • More than 3 million active pages on Facebook [/box]

Now I could go on and on about statistics with Facebook, but the fact is this, it is getting bigger and bigger. Facebook was initially considered just a place for kids to hang out and share pictures with each other. But something happened along the way.

The inventors of Facebook stumbled across the most amazing viral tool in the history of the internet.

The ‘LIKE’ Button

The Viral Nature of Facebook

Facebook News Food

If you have a Facebook account you will have a news feed. When you login, you will see status updates of everyone that you have friended depending on what you click on. You can go to home, click on Top News or Most Recent.

News Feed Options

You will see that you have a few options on each post update. You can like, comment or you can share. If you perform any of those actions, anyone who was your friend will see a status update of what you have just done. They can choose to view what you have done and join in the conversation, like or share as well.

3 Actions Available

If your friends take an action their friends will see their actions and their friends will see their friends have done. This is the power of Facebook. Anything can become Viral because Facebook is encouraging people to interact with their friends.

Status Updates

Facebook have created 2 features in facebook, groups and fanpages. Groups have a limit of 5000 members total that can join a group, but fanpages can have an unlimited number of followers or people who ‘LIKE’ their page. Not only that, Facebook are really gearing up for business’s to utilise their fanpages to drive more business’s onto facebook.

There are many reports that many major companies are turning to facebook marketing and concentrating on their facebook fanpages due to the fact that they can literally deliver an update, message or deal to their fans instantly. Couple that with the fact that 50% of users login to their account every single day, that indicates that every 2 days, most people login to their account.

Also fanpages require a very simple action. Click ‘LIKE’ If you can provide some incentive for people to click like, you can instantly have a fanbase that you can guarantee to make contact with just about every single day, that is free. Now that is powerful marketing.

Below are some statistics of the largest Facebook Fanpages in the U.S . Imagine if you could contact all of those people, via 1 update on your fanpage.

Top 20 Fanpages in U.S

Fanpages Are Like A Personal Profile – Part 2

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