Build It & They Will Come….well not really

However, just having a fanpage isn't enough. To guide people to LIKE your page, you need to incentivize them to do so. Creating a landing page is just the ticket that gives certain and distinct calls to action. You can literally guide people what to do, then you can create offers for them to do so.

The next trick is getting fans to like your page. There are numerous ways to do this using Facebook's viral nature, and this requires only a short amount of time each day. Like anything, if you can commit yourself to a short amount of time to grow your fanpage, you will reap the benefits of it for years to come.

If you would like a Custom Made Fan Page, then advice and strategies on how to get fans to your site, then Ozdogweb can make this happen for you.

Customised Landing Pages

This is the first thing people see who have not liked your page. This is the first impression. Here, you can create a clear and concise call to action. Here, you need to prompt people to ‘LIKE' your page in return for something. Say a free report, or a voucher or something you think people might like.

  1. First, create a log that tells people to like your page, and suggest to friends. Then create something about your business and what you do.
  2. Create another reminder for people what to do, Step 1- Click Like to find out something

Create A Call To Action

  1. Once the like has been clicked, a reveal tab is exposed with the download link or whatever other offer you want to give to your fans.

Exposed after "Like" is clicked


The template above is a simple template that we employ. I can also embed videos and photographs as well in your fanpage landing page.

What Can We Do

  1. We can create a fanpage that stands out from the crowd, that gets people to like your fanpage.
  2. Then we provide you comprehensive strategies that will get people to your page and “LIKE” it.
  3. Strategies to drive traffic to your webpage or get your phone ringing for business, these include
  • Tagging strategies that allow you to spread your message
  • Hi Fiver-a powerful technique to showcase your page
  • Celebrity Method-Use the power of local, national or international celebrities to grow your fanpage
  • Window Shopping-Use the power of other pages and profiles

And many more methods that we are testing and utilising to grow fanpages.

If you want to use our services to create a customised Facebook Fanpage and use cutting edge tactics to grow your fanpage, please feel free to contact us using the form below.

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