Fanpages Are Like A Personal Profile

Once someone clicks like on your fanpage, everytime you make an update from that fanpage, that will appear in the newsfeed of your fanpage's fans. If the post you write is written to elicit interaction from your fans, then your fan's friends will see their response, in turn, perhaps getting others to visit your fanpage if it resonates with them. This is true viral power.

Business's Using Personal Profiles

I have seen a growing trend of business's using personal profiles. Now there is nothing wrong with that, unless you have another profile. Having multiple personal accounts is against Facebook's Terms of Service. They state all of them in this link.

So, if you are a business and you are using a personal profile to promote that business and you have another account as well..beware…all of your efforts in promoting your business using a personal profile could be all for nought and at the press of a button, your profile page for your business will be gone.

Yes, you can simply invite friends to follow you in a personal profile, but you are missing out on so many tools in a Facebook Fanpage.

  • The ability to create a customised landing page for your first time visitors
  • The ability to import your web page or blog feed
  • Create a contact form for people to contact you
  • Create a shopping cart where your fans can purchase directly from your fanpage.
  • Many others that will be coming in the future, all designed for business's
[box type=”info”]My prediction is that Facebook will become it's own internet. Facebook has already surpassed Google as the most trafficked and biggest site on the internet. Not only that, Facebook have discovered a way to keep people on their site, whereas Google has only been able to keep people on their page long enough to conduct a search. Using this knowledge, business's can now use the most powerful form of marketing on the planet, “Word of Mouth”. If your business's creates a fantastic service/product, then you can use Facebook to spread the message far and wide.[/box]

My advice, utilise the fanpages. This is why they were created. If you stick to the Terms and Conditions that Facebook intended them for, it will be an extremely valuable marketing tool for years to come.

If you are using a personal profile for your business and you also have one for yourself, beware, you have been warned.

[box type=”warning”]Facebook will be tweaking their code all the time, and they will be doing everything in their power to find those that breach their terms and conditions so Facebook does not become another myspace.[/box]

How To Use Your Fanpage

Imagine you where a cafe, and you you wanted to create some more business. You create a voucher, then post out to your thousands of fans, download this voucher to have 2/1 coffees on this day only. Now most of the time, most people don't just have coffee, they will have some cake, a meal, but you have provided and incentive for people to come into your cafe.

You can also provide valuable information on how to make recipes, or whatever is in your niche and refer it back to your webpage.

How Do You Do It?

Creating a fanpage.. Facebook has made this process very easy to do. Below is the link on where to go.

Create a Fanpage

Often, I see many people creating a community page. This is wrong. There are so many features you are not able to utilise in Facebook if you create a community page. When creating your page, especially if you are a business, you should use the local business, then pick your genre.

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