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Google Updates It’s Places, Mobile Search Results….AGAIN

Google Updates It’s Places, Mobile Search Results….AGAIN

New Google Update In All Local Search and Mobile Search

Google has done a complete 180 after implementing it’s Zagat score ratings inside Google places and Google Local Plus for business.  Google made headlines when it bought the Zagat system for 250 million dollars to implement it’s customer feedback system into it’s Google Places for Business platform.

Well, after about 18 months, they have scrapped it and gone back to the 5 star rating, but they have tweaked it a little, give a score in front the rating.  This rating is achived after the business has received at least 5 reviews and then the reviews are averaged out to give a score out of 5.

These stand out immensely now.  The old Zagat scoring system just wasn’t really that eye catching but now the bright yellow stars really do grab your attention.  Not only that, Google has implemented this into their Mobile Search results as well.

Earlier, I recorded a video where I show first hand the changes for everyone to see how this will impact influence online.

Harnessing The Power of Good Products & Customer Service

Harnessing The Power of Good Products & Customer Service

I have changed my thinking with respect to helping small to medium business owners based on the the way the internet is changing.

More and more, business is being conducted on-line. For that business to be conducted on-line, people must first find you on-line. Then, when they find you on-line, they need to decide why should they do business with you.

Most business only think of one thing, and that is getting sales. Of course, at the end of the day, that is what it is all about. To get those sales, traditional forms of advertising are usually employed. The traditional way of doing some advertising in the paper, radio and tv and waiting for the phone to ring or people to walk in the door is working less and less.

People are sick of being sold too, they are tuning out. But, people are still looking for things to buy and services to use. So business’s need to think differently and change the way they promote themselves.

Create An Exceptional Experience

Creating the exceptional customer experience can do wonders for a business. Give value, offer advice and create an amazing buying experience. Most business’s strive to do this. Some succeed, some fall short. Either way, it is the next step that most of these business’s fall down.

Harnessing that Exceptional Experience

Once that customer has finalised their shopping experience, a lot of business’s are poor at the next step.

1. Capturing the contact details of those customers.
2. Asking for their feedback of their experience.

These are two massively important steps that the business owner can harness to their advantage to follow up with those happy customers and keep their presence of mind and also grab amazing feedback whilst the experience is still fresh in that customers mind.

1. Capturing the Contact Details.

Building your database is something business’s don’t do well. The larger your database, the more opportunity you have to keep them coming back and keep selling to them.

If you have an amazing sale, product or service ready to go, how good would it be, at the click of a button to notify all of them of that fact? You don’t have to advertise and spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to notify people of your deal. Not only that, generic advertising is a hit and miss affair. If you could notify your database, you have a pinpoint, laser targeted market in your niche that has bought from you before and probably will buy from you again.

2. Asking For Feedback

Getting a good review or testimonial from a happy customer is gold in the on-line world. Now, more than ever, potential customers are searching for products and services to buy. However, how does one sift through the results that Google and the like spit out.

Google, Facebook and all of the largest directory sites in the world are aware of this and they are harnessing the power of on-line reviews and showing them in their results, front and centre.

If an internet searcher sees a page of results, then sees a business that has numerous exceptional reviews, more than their competitors, do you think that might influence their decision in any way? You bet your booties it will.

The number 1 influencer in marketing is word of mouth from a friend or colleague, but the second most powerful form of marketing is on-line reviews from people, but there must be at least 6-10 of them for them to make an impact.

Enter The Database-Reputation Strategy

If business’s employed two very simple techniques in their business to:

1. Capture peoples details and add them to their database
2. Ask customers to provide feedback

They could outshine their competitors so easily by making them front of mind customers mind and standing out from their competitors online.

A New Approach For Business

In today’s economy, business’s don’t need to be offered, seo, advertising, gimmicks, hard sells. They want strategies. They want systems that work and that are based on solid facts and systems.

Providing strategies for business’s to excel rather than selling them services is now what it is all about. Business’s need to harness these new strategies, because the online world is tough, but at the same time, the opportunities are amazingly exciting.

I have been employing the “Database-Reputation Strategy” with amazing results with my clients.  It is a solid, step by step system that builds a valuable database and harness’s the power of reviews.  If you want to know how it can help your business, don’t hesitate in contacting me.

Get Social With Google & Google Authorship

Get Social With Google & Google Authorship
The Importance of Social Media
Anyone who is in the internet marketing field is fully aware Google is the beast that they have to appease to get good rankings so you can get your traffic.  Google have been changing their algorithims massively this year and anyone who is anyone has to change how they do things.

The Importance of Social Media

Google is looking for different things from websites then they used to do in the past.  Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc have exploded and Google are looking for the usage of these tools and how they tie in with your online presence.  If you have been neglecting these mediums, do so at your own risk.  Those who are aware of the value of these tools will reap the benefits.

Google have their own social media platform called Google Plus (Google+).  To many, this has been a bit of a flop.  Most people are now using Facebook and they don’t feel bothered using another platform to share things or interact with friends.  However, it is now time to embrace Google+ and if you are a business or have an online presence, it is now time to begin using it.

Get Opengraph Working For You

Facebook’s opengraph is invaluable in determing your presence online.  Each time one of your facebook likes is clicked, your content shared, it can be tracked.  Here is more information on Facebook’s opengraph. I use the SEO plugin from yoast and this can be automatically integrated into your site.  Here is more on the facebook opengraph.


Because Google are now looking at social signals to determine your presence and authority online.  Everyone is allowed to have a free Google account.  With this account, you can have your:

  • Gmail Account
  • Youtube Account
  • Google Plus Account
  • Google Places Account
  • Google Panoramio Account

With your account, you can synchronise your facebook, twitter and other social media accounts.  What you need to do then, is synchronise your website with these social media sites.  There are many tools that can allow you to do this and I use a suite of tools that allow me to do just that.  It is a paid service that I also provide to my clients, but it saves so much time. I will post more on that later.

Become The Expert

Google is looking for Authority sites with unique content.  If you provide that content, and you set up your social author code that is synchronised with your Google+ account, your content can be indexed with your image thumbnail in Google’s search index.

With the glutton of duplicated content, Google is looking more and more for ways to filter out the junk.  If you as a website place your author profile on your content, this shows them you stand by your website and content.  If it is unique and valueable, then you will be rewarded with rankings and traffic.

This is the link where you can view your output in the index with the Google Rich Snippets Tool

Make Google The Centre Of  Your Online Universe

Small business’s need to get on this evolution of change, and the way I implement it is to begin with their Google+ Local account (formerly Google Places).  Because this is a service provided to them by Google, they are more or less telling you what they want from you.  From there, the strategy is to build everything around your Google+ Local Account and put your information everywhere.  Then sync that with all your social media, keep up the content, seo optimise your website and make it mobile friendly.

Social Signals Are Where It’s At

Google have openly stated that.  They are looking for social signals, or engagement from people with your social media or your website.  They are tracking your likes, your Google +1’s, your retweets, your likes on your youtube videos.  These are the new backlinks if you will.  So what you should be doing with all of this?

  1. If you haven’t already, open a Google+ Account. Preferable under the same user as your youtube account, or your gmail account
  2. Edit your Google+ account to include all of your social media sites
  3. Link your website to your Google + account
  4. Place social media sharing buttons on all of your content
  5. Setup Google Authorship settings on your website to establish yourself as an authority

How To Video

I’ve put together a video on all of the steps and recommendations I talk about above.

Google Plus Local Takes Over Google Places For Local Marketing

Google Plus Local Takes Over Google Places For Local Marketing

There has been much hype about the integration of Google’s hugely popular and successful Google Places pages for business into it’s struggling social media platform, Google Plus.  This is a bit of a master stroke by Google, by forcing people to interact with Google Plus to view Business’s inside of it’s search queries. The other day, 80 million Google Places pages automatically converted to the Google plus Local Pages.

The first thing you will see in some the results is some of the listings have scores.


Google Local Business Scores

Once you click on the link, you are taken to the Google Plus Business Page.  You will see information about the business as usual, but the review system has now changed.  They can be rated on a 0-3 score.  The scores are then added and averaged out and Google has given a score.

So to add a review now, you have to have a Google Plus account, so Google are really pushing hard now to get more members in their Google Plus medium.

Google Local Layout

They have made a complete overhaul of the layout.  There is now a local tab in the Google Plus page.

If you click on that tab, it takes you to a place where you can search for business’s in your area. So right within your Google Plus account, you can now search for business’s and check reviews of them.

Google Plus Business Pages Now Ranking

The old Google Places pages were blocked from showing in the serach results.  However, the new Google Plus Local Pages will be indexed.  With inbound links, Google’s ability to rank its own products higher in the search engine results along with the optimisation of the business name and categories, it is very likely Google Plus page will soon be outranking many un-optimised small business websites.

Complete Google Pages & Google Local Integration

Now with the integration of Google Plus and Google Places, Google Business pages will now be able to synchronised. Google is now on it’s way to integrating social ranking factors like Google plus mentions, +1’s, Google plus shares, number of comments per post, number of people you have in your circle, content shared etc.

Couple this with our existing services to promote business like

  • local directory presence
  • youtube video integration with the business ciations
  • panoramio image promotions
  • backlinking
  • onpage seo

and your business will soon be dominating online in your area and your niche.


Google Local Business Search

Google Local Business Search

Is your business being found up the top of a search engine result?

If you are searching for a particular service in an area, Google will then throw their local business search results right up the top of the search results. Below is an example.

The term physiotherapy Maroochydore was typed into Google and at the top of the page are 3 local business’s. You need to have your business in those listings. They stand out, the links can be clicked on and most importantly, customers find you and contact you in turn creating more business.


The beauty of this service is that it is totally free. But you must know how to set it up properly and also, utilise your existing web site to integrate into Google’s business search. You can also place comments as well ad discount vouchers for potential customers to download directly from your business’s business portal in the local business machine.

This is but one facet of a whole search engine optimization strategy. There are many other strategies along with this one to assist in getting maximum exposure on the internet.

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