Google Local Business Search

Is your business being found up the top of a search engine result?

If you are searching for a particular service in an area, Google will then throw their local business search results right up the top of the search results. Below is an example.

The term physiotherapy Maroochydore was typed into Google and at the top of the page are 3 local business's. You need to have your business in those listings. They stand out, the links can be clicked on and most importantly, customers find you and contact you in turn creating more business.


The beauty of this service is that it is totally free. But you must know how to set it up properly and also, utilise your existing web site to integrate into Google's business search. You can also place comments as well ad discount vouchers for potential customers to download directly from your business's business portal in the local business machine.

This is but one facet of a whole search engine optimization strategy. There are many other strategies along with this one to assist in getting maximum exposure on the internet.

Glen Wilson (36 Posts)

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