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Google Updates It’s Places, Mobile Search Results….AGAIN

Google Updates It’s Places, Mobile Search Results….AGAIN

New Google Update In All Local Search and Mobile Search

Google has done a complete 180 after implementing it’s Zagat score ratings inside Google places and Google Local Plus for business.  Google made headlines when it bought the Zagat system for 250 million dollars to implement it’s customer feedback system into it’s Google Places for Business platform.

Well, after about 18 months, they have scrapped it and gone back to the 5 star rating, but they have tweaked it a little, give a score in front the rating.  This rating is achived after the business has received at least 5 reviews and then the reviews are averaged out to give a score out of 5.

These stand out immensely now.  The old Zagat scoring system just wasn’t really that eye catching but now the bright yellow stars really do grab your attention.  Not only that, Google has implemented this into their Mobile Search results as well.

Earlier, I recorded a video where I show first hand the changes for everyone to see how this will impact influence online.

Get Your Website Mobile Ready…Now

Get Your Website Mobile Ready…Now

Get Your Website Mobile Ready
Get Mobile Baby

By Christmas 2013, 50% of all online searches will be conducted on a mobile device

Now that statistic is too big to ignore.  Unfortunately, many websites have not been optimised for mobile devices and are not compressed enough to be viewed seamlessly on smart phones. Not only that, the original site is way to small to view on these devices and are hard to read.

Your mobile site has to be mobile ready.  Now there are many free plugins available that can make your site mobile ready, but you lose the look and feel of your site in the mobile version.  In light of the fact that pretty well 50% of all of your views are going to be from a mobile device, it is in your best interests to get your mobile site looking and performing at its best.

Google Knew All Along About Mobile

Google Now
I read an interesting article from a very well respected internet marketer that has declared a massive game changer.  You see, it all started with the iphone.  When they released this easy to use touch screen phone.  Since then, Google have been playing catchup and since have released their Android software for free for developers to use in their smartphones.  Then, along came SIRI for the iphone.  This technology essentially allows people to talk to their phone to tell it what they want.

This technology is making things easier for people.  Couple that with the fact that people just need to talk to their phone to ask it where a restaurant is, or to phone someone or find a phone number of a business, haveing a mobile internet presence.  Now Google has come out with their game changer.  It’s called Google Now.  This will be automatically integrated into all Android phones.  (Oh, and at the time of writing this, Android now has a market share of 51% and iphone 32%, here is the report)

This technology is predictive and will deliver information to you in real time, what you think it might need based on your previous usage and information synched with your Google+ account.  The options to this are mind blowing.  As a business, you need to have integrated your Google+ social signals with everything you have online so the Google Now system can integrate you into their recommendations to their users. I will be talking more about this in the future, I’m sure.

Get Dudamobile For Your Mobile Site

I have discoverd the easiest and best way for anyone to get their current site mobile.  I found a site called Dudamobile converts your website on the fly in literally minutes.  These guys have even been recommended by Google as one of their preferred suppliers of website mobile conversion.  The process is simple

1. You go to the site and you just put in your current website url  ie http://www.yoursitename.com

2. Dudamobile then goes through the process of converting the site into a mobile version

3. It spits out the version of your site in a mobile phone emulator so you can see the results

4. You can then edit the layout.  You can change colour schemes, there are a heap of templates you can use instead of the one you have also.

5. You can drag and drop elements into your mobile site to make it look even better.

6. You are then presented with 2 options.  You can have the free option that only allows you 10 pages, it has dudamobile’s ad on it, and you only get community support via a forum, or you can get a paid version for $9/mth.  If you pay 12 mths in advance, they give you 20% off.

7. You then just have to set up the redirect script so that when a person is viewing yoru website through a mobile device, it delivers the mobile version of yoru website.

I Made A Video

Below is the video I made of me going through the whole process.

Click here to go to Dudamobile’s website and get yourself a Dudamobile site…now dude.

Mobile Phone Usage Statistics And Marketing

Mobile marketing is booming. More and more, the mobile phone is being used as a major marketing tool due to the popularity of the the IPhone and now the arrival of the Google Android enabled smart phones. The statistics are overwhelming.

The following statistic were complied by Microsoft and they are too important to be ignored.

Mobile Browsing Will Outstrip the Desktop Computer

how-fast-is-mobile-usage-growingAs the image shows, internet browsing on the mobile phone will exceed browsing on the desktop computer by 2014. Internet capable phones are now becoming the norm and it will only be a matter of time before a majority of people will have internet enabled phones. Couple that with increased bandwidth on our phones and it will be essential to have a mobile presence.

Local Searches On The Mobile

This will mean that searches for local services and products are going to utilised more often on mobiles. Due to the mobility of the mobile phone, people will conduct searches on the move to find what and who they are looking for.

Mobile And TV Viewing

86percent-use-their-mobile-watching-tvA staggering 86% of people who own phones have them with them whilst watching tv. This presents advertises with an amazing opportunity to utilise new technologies like tags and qr codes to present to viewers.

Mobile Phone Usage

mobile-phone-useThe mobile phone is now becoming the tool of choice for people to socialise. The ability to connect with social media on the mobile is making connectivity with friends online much easier, and it is already exceeding that of the desktop computer.

Social Media Use On The Mobile Phone


The statistics on social media are staggering. 1/3 of Facebook’s users use Facebook mobile, 50% use twitter mobile and over 200 million videos from youtube are viewed a day.

The Most Active Users Are…

most-active-group-of-mobile-usersAnd the most active users of mobile socialisation are women aged between 35-54. Historically, women in this age bracket are the decision makers.

You Need To Have a Mobile Presence

If you are a small business…actually, a business of any kind, haveing a mobile presence is going to become an essential tool in your online arsenal. Conventional websites are too large to be viewed on the small screens of mobiles, so a mobile ready version is imperative. People are going to be searching for products and services using their phones and if you are in business, you will need a mobile ready site to satisfy the mobile phone browsers. Get ready for the next big thing, because it is already here.

Do You Have A Mobile Version Of Your Website


Here is a short video I created of a mobile ready version of one of my client’s sites, Hot Pipis. The wordpress plugin automatically detects the browser that is pulling up the site and delivers the version of the site that is best suited to either a desktop/laptop or a mobile phone.

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