web-design-company-sunshine-coast If you need a Web Design Company on the Sunshine Coast, you need a website that shows the world who you are, what you do and what you can do for them. Using corporate logos, colours and design from any existing media, a website can be made to reflect that individual or group.

Web Design Company Sunshine Coast

sunshine coast web design What you want the website to achieve is also a major factor is how it looks and structured. If you simply want to give information on the services or products you provide, then an informative site with appropriate content is what is required.

This can be as simple as setting up and electronic brochure that gets your message out 24/7. You also need to let people know how to contact you to utilise your services so having prominent contact options is essential on any web page.

To the site that is an information based site, with multiple pages and categories. A content driven site that establishes itself as an authority in it's niche and one that people respect and turn to for information and advice.

Mobile and Tablet Ready

responsive-website-design With the increasing popularity of mobile devices, smart phones and tablets, it is essential now that a website is able to be viewed  on these devices.  Current statistics show that 30% of all traffic on the internet is being viewed on these devices and this is on the rise.

A conventionally built website when viewed in smartphones is too big to view, so the site must be responsive to the device that is viewing the content.  All out sites are responsive ready in that the site understand what device is viewing the site and will adjust the content and viewing of the site accordingly.  This ensure a great user experience by anyone when viewing the website on any device.

Selling Online or E-commerce?

e-commerce-websites-sunshine-coastIf you need an e-commerce option, then that can be arranged as well. I have my own e-commerce sites that sell products online, so I know how it works, and what do to to sell online. Showcasing the products, setting up category listings, setting up top sellers, scrolling sidebars, animated ads are things that an e-commerce site should have.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

seo-sunshine-coast Simply, you need to be found on the internet. Too often, people make web pages, but they simply do not get found through and search engine queries. However, that can change. Ozweb I.M. can tailor an approach that will target specific keywords in your niche using onpage and Off Page Search Engine Optimisation. We then couple that with your Google My Business account to provide a dominant presence in the search engine results.

Content Management System

wordpress-content-management-system We use an open source program called wordpress to build all of our websites.  Wordpress is the world's most popular web based program and in turn provides unlimited flexibility in the design, functionality and deliverability of the site.

WordPress uses add-ons called plug-ins that deliver unlimited features in a website.  Pretty well, anything that you can think of that you need in a site, we are able to provide.

Hosting & Emails

web-hosting-sunshine-coastAll websites require hosting of the files that need to be viewed.  Our hosting servers are based in Sydney Australia.  The servers are fast and secure and support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We provide hosting for all websites as well as handling all the emails you require.  We monitor traffic and make sure your website and emails are working to their optimum.  Unlimited emails and unlimited bandwidth.  Peace of mind for your website.

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